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On 1/28/14 I received my order with 7 missing items 2242455,2268508,2268511,2268410,2218412,2230092, & 2268806 (Matte Lipstick by Nyx Cosmetics Shy 8511,Dream Catcher Palette by Nyx Cosmetics Golden Horizons, Cover Girl Simply Ageless Serum Primer by Cover Girl, Eyeshadow Compact by Stila Kitten, FREE TruMagic Mini The Sun Kisser Bronzer). On 1/29/14 Ulta confirmed that Items 2242455, 2268410, and 2268806 temporarily out of stock.

Per Ulta on 1/29/14 "We can reship the remaining four items and process a refund for items 2242455 and 2268410. Item 2268806 was a free gift with purchase and we would like to offer you a gift card for that item. Please reply back with how you would like to proceed." I let them know I was never going to shop with them again and I would tell friends, family, and the BBB about it. Then Ulta changes their mind once I said that I wanted a full refund.

After several calls and attempts to get a refund for the 7 missing items Ulta had the below response."Since UPS is indicating the order has been delivered, you would have to dispute this charge with your credit card company if you have not in fact received it."

Ulta let an honest consumer down.

Financially I am just getting by each month. It brings tears to my eyes thinking that I could have spent this money on my child instead.

Monetary Loss: $66.

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3 Packages went missing during the holiday, told me to call Ulta's bank to dispute because they don't have the "ability to credit your credit card".

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