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Returned bottle of perfume. I had $28.00 worth of ULTA points used against that item.

Redeemed about $60 worth on total sale. They did not refund me the $28. Was okay with that, but they did not give me back the $28 worth of rewards points. Manager told me to call HELP DESK and they should fix it for me.

They did not. Asked to speak to manager. Was told a Mgr. would call back in 24-48 hours.

No call..No Email...NO NOTHING! CRAPPY Customer Service!!!

I spend allot a good amount of money every year at this store. I will be spending it at Sephora from now on!

Monetary Loss: $28.

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The points are for one time use only. The only way that they can ever be reapplied is when you are exchanging for the exact same product.

The only exception is when you are exchanging for a different color. Many companies function similarly.

Crofton, Maryland, United States #883459

I had the same issue . They claim to have such a great return policy except you will lose your rewards points if you do.

Same situation except the points should be returned to you and of course "anonymous" they would only refund what you paid but thanks for your *** comment. The points are gone so why bother shopping there I'll take my money somewhere else where they don't weasel you out of your hard shopping earned points.


I did call customer service. The store explained to me that they COULD NOT make any changes.

They told me to call customer service and that they would add the points back to my account. They even wrote the number on my receipt for me. I was fine with that and called the 800 number a couple of days later. It was this service person that was actually rude to me.

I was trying to explain to her what happened, but she didn't let me finish. She just repeated to me a couple of times what the policy is. I then asked to speak to a manager. I was told they would call me in 24-48 hours.

Guess what...no call! I resent that you used the word "politely" in your post. I was very "polite". It was the Ulta CS staff that wasn't.

That's why I asked to speak to a manager.


Think of your rewards points as a coupon you earned. If you use a coupon at Target for a package of paper towels, but then you return the paper towels, Target refunds you the price you actually paid, not the full retail price, and they don't give you a coupon back.

It's the same basic situation at Ulta. Next time, don't use your points on an item your unsure about!

to Anonymous #726180

Well if they had taken the total points off the sum of the whole bill rather than splitting it up on each item, it would make more sense. Its not really like a coupon.

I earned those points by buying things in their stores. I had ten items on that receipt. I thing its a crummy way to do business. When I purchase other items such as a plane ticket with points, they refund my points to the account if I return.

I was not unsure about the item. I was offered a larger bottle of the perfume, twice the size, through a groupon, at less than the smaller bottle I purchased at Ulta. It's not the $28, its the principal!! They want people to patronize them, but they don't want to take care of them in return.

Also, I sent an email to ULTA and they ignored my questions/concerns in the email.

They just sent some link.

They could care less about my thoughts!! :?

to Mary714 #726191

There's a valid reason why every store that offers promotional discounts proportionately deducts the amount from each item, otherwise, when/if items are returned the purchaser would actually owe the store money - and to the I say, good luck with that.

If you buy 2 items for $5 each, and $3.50 is taken from the total, if you return the item(s), you would expect a refund for each $5.00 item, right?

However, technically you only paid $3.25 per item. And if you returned both items and we refunded you the price shown on the receipt for each item, you would owe the store $3.50.Deducting the coupon proportionately is just plain fair...and makes the most sense.

And you earned the points by doing something you would be doing anyhow...buying things you need from the store. You really didn't do anything to "earn" them per se.

You were "gifted" them as a courtesy for shopping at that store. Your rewards are a privilege not a right.

to Anonymous #726193

And actually, I do understand your frustration at losing your points, but the store itself doesn't have a way to refund points. I suggest contacting guest services and politely explaining your situation and asking if they would accommodate a one time refund of points.

They might be able to take care of that for you. But go through Guest Services, not your local store.

to Anonymous #1099751

Ok, it is absolutely ridiculous to say, " you earned the points by doing something you would be doing anyhow", and that they were "gifted" as a courtesy for shopping at Ulta! That is a crock of S**T!!

The ONE and ONLY reason I make sure to get EVERYTHING I need at Ulta is for ONE PURPOSE, and that is to earn my reward points to save money on my future purchases!!! Otherwise, I would get the items I need at the most convenient place, which is usually not Ulta! I have gone WEEKS with out a product I need, because I don't have time to drive across town to Ulta to get it! Guess what though????

I bare through it until I have time to get down to Ulta, so I'm sure to get my points!

" Your rewards are a privilege not a right"???? I DO NOT THINK SO! It is a "privilege" for Ulta to have me spend thousands of my hard earned money a year at their store! That is a lot of money to spend at one store a year, and the only reason all that money is going to ONE store is because of a promise they make to reward all my money spent with reward points that can go towards my future purchases!

So, when these points just vanish when I realize something may not be the right product for me, I would THINK Ulta would be so gracious as to return my hard earned points back to me; considering I ABSOLUTELY DID EARN them, and that I am an extremely loyal customer that they claim to cherish so much! The fact that I spent $300 on one receipt and had $110 coming to me in reward points, and then can't exchange (exchange not return) one product for its full value is a F****** scam! What do I need to do, wiggle around the system and buy every single item separately?!!!!!

RIDICULOUS! PLEASE ANONYMOUS, humor me and rebuttal now!

to Anonymous #1089926

This comment is incorrect. Ulta says that they will return your points to you so stop defending the company with lies.

You don't even know their stated policy so stop. You sound like an Ukta employee with your bad attitude and defensiveness.

I had the same issue. Ulta claims to have a very good return policy, yet I always get an attitude from employees when I make a return.

Two weeks ago I made a return for the first time with something I used my points for. Ulta clearly states they will refund your points or you can exchange the item for something of the same price. The employee would not let me exchange for the value and kept throwing "$.89" in my face as thats the price I paid after redeeming 350 points. I asked her what would happen to my points BEFORE I went through with the return.

She said they'd get added back to my account. Eel it's been two weeks and no sign of them. In reality I'm losing out on at least $10 worth of product. This was my reward for shopping at Ulta where the customer service is *** instead of another store.

I've already busted employees by calling corporate and confirming that employees and even managers will tell you incorrect information that directly contradicts what corporate says.

Making a call again today and this will be one of my last dealings with Ulta.

to Anonymous #1380367

This post is 4 years old. Ulta changed their rewards program 3 years ago and updated points return policy about 2 years ago, not that all employees follow the new plans.

It was accurate for the rewards program that was in place when this was posted. It's not lies, it just doesn't apply anymore.

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