I am so tired of shopping in Ulta, Columbus, Ga. The shelves - especially in cosmetics- are never stocked.

They're usually half-empty and a horrible mess; out of stock most of the time, stuff all over the place and in boxes, filthy, nasty testers and testers missing, opening products all over the place, filth everywhere, no toilet paper, overflowing toilets, dust bunnies everywhere you look, and only one person ever working it seems like. The lines are always 15 minutes long, and there's never anyone to help you except on rare occasions. The staff are nice enough but it is impossible for them to ever help you out, as the only one there usually has to run the register - line never stops.

This is a busy store and really poorly run from what I can tell. Sephora is opening soon, and I can't wait!

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Boynton Beach, Florida, United States #906243

Unfortunately, customers are pigs..and the associates can't keep up with their messes

Columbus, Georgia, United States #822446

I've experienced the same at the Ulta store in Columbus Ga

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