This use to be one of my favorite Ulta locations...until today! Apparently they have a "new" general manager that was running the registers tonight.

I'm sure if she hadn't waited on me I wouldn't be writing this. She was sooooo rude. She didn't say hello when she called me over to the register. The 1st thing she said was "what is your phone number" and began to ring me up.

I pulled my ultra card out and asked if she needed it still since she put in my number. She replies with "well you didn't have it out when you walked up, but I can take it now" then grabs it off if the top of my wallet. My thoughts are "wow you're going to touch my belongings?" What happened to asking "did you find everything ok" or "did you have your ulta card?" It's not as if I was buying a $10 lipgloss, I purchased $278 of merchandise. I say her name tag only said "General Manager" so I asked her hat her name was.

She replied with "I'm the general manager". Seriously...it might be the Holidays, but be nice if you're 1- the manager and 2- helping the public.

I called the next day to ulta to register a complaint and was told "how seriously they take conplaints"...lol yeah right. I was told someone would call me back within 24 hours.

I NEVER got a return phone call. I also went back and returned ALL my merchandise and said "it was because of the poor service from your new general manager." I went to Sephora to redo my Christmas shopping!

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