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At the Northville 6mile & Haggerty Michigan Location. I went in with 2 items I had bought 9 days prior, with 4 receipts. I wasn't sure what receipt the 2 items were on that I wanted to return. I stood in line my turn, the cashier said, I "can help you", she was very sweet & I told her I'd like to return these 2 products, but wasn't sure what receipt they were on & pulled out 4 receipts. The manager who was giving me evil looks while I was in line said to the cashier, "wait, move over I'll take care of this, I'll handle her". I figured the cashier was new... There was about 7 people in line behind me at the time. The manager asked for my phone # to pull up my account, I gave her it. It was also on all 4 of my receipts in front of her with the 2 items that weren't right for my skin. She opened both items & checked to see if they'd been used. I barley used either of them maybe a pea size or smaller amount & realized, I didn't not like either. She the manager then yelled extra loud, "you can't return after a certain amount of time" . I said, "it's only been a week or 2". Manager-"after so many returns, u can't return". Me- "what? What are you talking about, so many returns?" Manager- "it doesn't matter, it u have a receipt or not, I don't have to return anything for u". Me- "excuse me, what is your name, & what are you talking about." Manager- "my name is Dawn I'm the manager & ive saw you in her before about a week ago" Me- "I'm sure you have seen me in here, that's why there's 4 receipts in front of you Dawn, so I'm confused what's the problem?" Manager Dawn-" I'm not returning anything for you, you return too much, I've seen you before." Me- What ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT DAWN?" I then grab my phone and start video recording her embarrassing me. I said, "how many times are you saying I've returned , I want to know now, cause I don't know what the *** your talking about." Dawn- she's checking the computer with 2 other employees while the 7 + people are waiting behind me to checkout & listing to her yell and humiliate me, she wanted everyone to hear loud and clear.

Dawn- looking at her screen says, " Oh hmmm Oh" (looking confused) looking & looking... "Oh you have 1 return back in October" , "yea it's only showing you have 1 return in October".

Me- I said, "So I've had ONE RETURN IN OCTOBER, how long does it show u"?????

Dawn- "it goes back 6 months" but it's only showing you returned once in October", " I must have you mistaken, Oh haha I have you confused for someone else, lol oh I'm sorry about that, I thought you were another girl who buys stuff and returns a week later".

Me- "I don't really care who you have me "mistaken" for." I have legitimate receipts for less than 2 weeks ago & your treating me like this and embarrassing me in front of people".

Dawn- "oh haha lol you must have a twin running around."

I was BEYOND UPSET, embarrassed,humiliated extremely & shocked that I was spoke to the way I was. Everyone was looking at me whispering, taking videos with their phones as well as I was recording Dawn treat me like some return maniac... Dawn then said sorry again after returning my 2 products with my their reciepts. I still was livid about this inisident.

Dawn, tried to be extra nice after the fact & said we have people buying things and returning them the next week, they shouldn't buy them if they don't want them. I want to change our policy to final sale. I said , well sometimes in different lighting (natural lighting) makeup looks different & maybe doesn't match their skin outside of here" , but I'm not sure & honestly I don't care what people do". Dawn- trying to smooth things over & explain why she's not accepting returns from people unless she feels like it & the receipt better be with in a few days or she's not accepting it , and doesn't care what they say or who they contact, she's the manager & has more say than they do."

Me- "well dawn, if that's the case, u may want to post a sign next to this cashier & reprint the return policy on the back of our reciepts" , as the policy on my receipt says, -Returns- Returns are easy! Those are the 1st words on the back of my Ulta receipts! Clearly returns are NOT SO EASY if you happen to run into Dawn the Manager. This was by far the most embarrassing situation I've ever came across EVER shopping in any store. It was awful & she needs to be reminded that customer satisfaction is a big deal in retail especially in a free standing local store. Shame on her for her disgusting people skills.

I'm also Platinum Rewards member at Ulta so they can easily look up my purchase history. I've spent over $500 in the last 6 weeks at Ulta. If there's any way I can post the video of Dawn & I , please let me know, I'd love to share it besides on my social media websites. My husband, was also shocked and disgusted about this type of behavior & sent the video to his attorney's today. I'd like to teach Dawn a lesson for the future, Treat ALL with respect, and don't wrongfully accuse People.

I tried to upload the video, I'm not sure why it's not working. I attached a photo of Manager Dawn.

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This store has the worst customer service. I will not be visiting Ulta anytime soon. They claim returns "No
Problem" not so. Competition is much friendlier.
to Anonymous #1073156
They have the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. I made 1 return in October with my reciept of course. I had laser done to my skin a couple months ago, so matching foundation in the store under their lighting was kinda difficult. Anyone would return a brand new foundation if it didn't match their skin color! I wish the rest of the video would post! She said, if it was up to her all sales would be final like forever21 clothing store!!! This manager Dawn completely embarrassed me, wrongfully accused me, humiliated me in front of several other customers, because she thought I was another girl.... By the way, the "other girl" who she mistaked me for, buys $300-$400 in products & returns them 2 week later with her reciept Dawn the manager mentioned!
I've contacted my attorney about this matter, and the good news is I have 23 minutes of Video recording of the embarrassment she caused me.
This company doesn't seem to get good reviews on their customer loyalty and satisfaction!
Sephora Is 100000% a better place to shop!!
to MissA7 Portland, Oregon, United States #1103133
The pic or video doesn't work anymore :-( I really wanted to see it. She sounds like a total *** who needs to be put on blast for it.

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