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Yesterday I visited ulta hair salon because I had heard good things about it. Keep in mind that my hair was never dyed before and I wanted to have a change in my life because this whole week was just horrible to me. What I thought was a good idea became into a bad one. I showed both of the managers exactly what I wanted. Apparently they assumed I wanted highlights so that's what they put me down for without consulting me. When I got there for my appointment I showed the stylist the picture and she started on my hair. Again I have never dyed my hair so I didn't know what was going on. I just know she had to put foils in my hair.

When she was finishing I Asked about the roots and she said well I had you down for highlights and I said no. I clearly showed you the picture of exactly what I wanted.

She left and let me sitting by myself for an hour and when she came back I was crying because obviously it's not what I wanted and I was upset because I never dyed my hair before and my first experience was turning out horrible.

Once she took me to the back I explained I didn't want to pay full price for it because it's not what I wanted and I was not happy and she threw the towel on my lap and swore at me and said she wasn't going to finish.

Keep in mind that she bleached the bottom half of my hair

She left the room and I was left sitting there with bleach on my hair!!

I got up and was about to leave when she comes back and starts grabbing me to stay because I had bleach in my hair. She kept pushing me and hurting me. I screamed because I was scared I thought she was insane. I Called the police as soon as I could and then she started to act all nice and caring. I had bleach in my face in my wrist and bleach went inside my mouth.

I made a police report and she stated that she did ombré which it's what she thought I wanted. When clearly she has stated previously it was highlights!

My hair is yellow and nothing close to what the picture is.

I left without paying and I'm hoping that ulta corporate contacts me or they will have a lawsuit in their hands.

Very upsetting !! Never go to ulta!!! Just go to Sephora !! My hair started to fall out Because of the bleach and my hair was tangled.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of ulta hair coloring. Ulta needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Yeah, $10 says this isn't what actually happened.

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #1277215

Yes it did. I have a police report number and corporate was involved !!

Sacramento, California, United States #1196436

Such dramatics and you never once asked why the foil?


How old are you? Look.

I get that this was your first time; but, it seems odd that you would allow her to continue to put chemical on your tips if you were clear that you wanted a full color. And, it's your job to communicate exactly what you want before the process starts. Maybe you did. But, there's little reason for them to purposefully screw up your hair.

Is it possible that the picture you gave was a highlight job? Is it possible that she was giving you what the picture necessitated, but wasn't what you thought it was? As to leaving bleach in your hair that long,...unless you were acting so badly and preventing her from removing the foils, there's no way she left it in your hair that long on her own. She'd lose her license.

If your tale is 100% accurate, get a lawyer and call your local health department. She should lose her license. But, to be fair, it sounds like you were in over your head. Calling the cops over hair is dumb.

Not being upfront about prices is dumb. My guess is you found a deal on groupon or online and it was for one service...when it wasn't looking right to you, you panicked and wanted to renegotiate, at which point she had to leave to get a manager.

How on earth did you get bleach in your mouth? Really?


What DID you want done to your hair?

to Sleigh #1149583

Does it matter why YOU want to know what she wanted done to her hair? She told MULTIPLE employees what she wanted done AND she showed them pictures.

I hope she gets her lawsuit or ample compensation. Ulta is a terrible company!

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