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I purchased 3 different fragances from UTLA - all were fake or knock off perfumes - for full prices that major brand stores charge for! No wonder they can give you a robe with your purchase! They're making a killing selling cheap perfume! I won't be shopping this site ever again!! Rip offs!

I will never ever order anything from this company again!

Pretty upsetting when you think your gettting a quality product only to be ripped off.

Was embarrasing to give these products to family members for Christmas gifts!

Got me once - won't ever get me again!!

Hope more people complain!!

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Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1265779

They sell knock off hair products. HANDS DOWN FAKE!!!

Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1265776

I think they might sell knock off hair care products too.My hair gets dried out when i buy from the liter sales at ulta vs buying them from a regular salon.

Funny how the same product from the salon works completely different on my hair then the product bought at ulta.


I bought 4.2 oz Dolce & Gabbana light blue mens cologen for $86.00 & got a free $60.00 value women's robe with the purchase.It smelled like soap & only had a hint of D & G scent.

Returned it without the robe, which I gave to my aunt. The cashier said I wold have to get a store credit without the robe being returned with it. I said, Absolutely not, I wouldn't give you $5.00 for that rag. No way was that robe a $60.00 value.

And your cologne is a watered down fake that's bottled to look real. After standing my ground, she gave me a full refund to my credit card. I immediately went to Sephora bought a 2.5 oz bottle for $66.00 & it smells like the real thing.

Some one should check into Ulta selling counterfeit fragrances.Is this even legal?


I purchased Christian Dior Jadore and it is nothing like what you get in a department store.I am furious!!!!

Their perfumes are fake.They should let you know these are knock offs.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1105974

I bought J'adore as well and thought it smelled like soap.I had a tester at home and they smelled completely different.

I returned it and tried to buy Chanel Mademoislle but not all Ulta stores carry Chanel.I won't buy perfume from this store again.


I purchased Acqua di Gioia from Ulta (Jasmine Edition) and paid like $90.Armani perfumes linger forever and are heavenly.

However, this perfume I bought from Ulta, the scent disappears as soon as you spray it!

I am so MAD.I will never but from Ulta again.


Yep, I bought "muse". The store sample smelled great but the bottle I purchased had that sickening smell of cheap perfume. I took it back, and they immediately gave me a refund.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #829212

I noticed when looking for my favorite that if I made a different selection it would change from Burberry to Burberrys.Which of course prompted me to do some research.

The packaging is also a little off from what I'm used to with the Burberry I use.I'll definitely just go pick it up in person as I've been burned before.

Webster, Minnesota, United States #808748

Nothing knock off goes through ULTA.


They don't sell knock offs whatsoever.

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