I purchased 3 different fragances from UTLA - all were fake or knock off perfumes - for full prices that major brand stores charge for! No wonder they can give you a robe with your purchase! They're making a killing selling cheap perfume! I won't be shopping this site ever again!! Rip offs!

I will never ever order anything from this company again!

Pretty upsetting when you think your gettting a quality product only to be ripped off.

Was embarrasing to give these products to family members for Christmas gifts!

Got me once - won't ever get me again!!

Hope more people complain!!


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Beverly Hills, California, United States #1354280

I realize this topic is a bit outdated but defamation such as this post shouldn't be allowed to remain on the internet.Ulta is a major corporation that holds standard legitimate contracts for distribution of well over 550 brands.

The fragrance industry has went through a significant change over the past 20 plus years. Many of the ingredients once used in production are no longer legally available. With that said, EVERY major fragrance house has been forced to make alterations to their products. They always attempt to replicate the originals as close as possible with options that are internationally legal but at times the consumer will detect a variation.

An example of this is civet musk. It is not legal to extract the organic material originally used from the species as they are now legally protected. Another issue is that similar to wine not every batch is going to be exactly the same. Chanel products are phenomenal for their quality control.

They own fields in Grasse France and other vital areas to produce the flowers needed to produce their fragrance. Dior exercises the same practice. By the way, Chanel is a huge indirect shareholder of Ulta stock through a subsidiary holding company. That wouldn't be the case if Ulta was counterfeiting their products!

As for pricing, the fragrance industry holds a very tight control on their pricing. If you are purchasing a non-diverted product from an authorized retailer it will be the same price at every location and typically not discount eligible unless express consent is given by the source company. When you do occasionally get a discount at Ulta say thank you because they are paying that bill for you! Yes they have to pay the money discounted from your Chanel product back to Chanel.

On the topic of Haircare, every Ulta store has a licensed salon. The products in the pro hair section are only allowed to be merchandised their if the brand ONLY DISTRIBUTES IT'S PRODUCTS TO LICENSED SALONS. The very minute a brand chooses to make contractual agreements through other channels, e.g. Target, it's products will be removed from Ulta's Pro Hair shelves.

If the brand is kept in store it will move to the mass branded hair aisle. Has anyone noticed Carol's Daughter or Nexxus many years back now? They are great brands but you won't find them in Ulta's pro area because they've chosen to make other agreements outside of the salon industry.

Just one more thing for everyone.

The products don't have time to get old. They sell far too much volume too quickly. One of the reasons Ulta has a Liter Sale (referenced in a prior comment) is to ensure the product moves quickly and is always fresh for you. They do it 2 times per year to ensure you have the best quality.

If anything is ever found to not meet strict quality guidelines Ulta will immediately hold the supplier accountable, pull all units from the shelves, have stores ship it back to the vendor, and demand reimbursement.

You are safer shopping at Ulta than anywhere else.

If there's ever an issue with your product they received it that way from the authentic source.Hope this helps clarify for some diluted individuals that have no understanding of how things work.

Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1265779

They sell knock off hair products. HANDS DOWN FAKE!!!

Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1265776

I think they might sell knock off hair care products too.My hair gets dried out when i buy from the liter sales at ulta vs buying them from a regular salon.

Funny how the same product from the salon works completely different on my hair then the product bought at ulta.


I bought 4.2 oz Dolce & Gabbana light blue mens cologen for $86.00 & got a free $60.00 value women's robe with the purchase.It smelled like soap & only had a hint of D & G scent.

Returned it without the robe, which I gave to my aunt. The cashier said I wold have to get a store credit without the robe being returned with it. I said, Absolutely not, I wouldn't give you $5.00 for that rag. No way was that robe a $60.00 value.

And your cologne is a watered down fake that's bottled to look real. After standing my ground, she gave me a full refund to my credit card. I immediately went to Sephora bought a 2.5 oz bottle for $66.00 & it smells like the real thing.

Some one should check into Ulta selling counterfeit fragrances.Is this even legal?


I purchased Christian Dior Jadore and it is nothing like what you get in a department store.I am furious!!!!

Their perfumes are fake.They should let you know these are knock offs.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1105974

I bought J'adore as well and thought it smelled like soap.I had a tester at home and they smelled completely different.

I returned it and tried to buy Chanel Mademoislle but not all Ulta stores carry Chanel.I won't buy perfume from this store again.


I purchased Acqua di Gioia from Ulta (Jasmine Edition) and paid like $90.Armani perfumes linger forever and are heavenly.

However, this perfume I bought from Ulta, the scent disappears as soon as you spray it!

I am so MAD.I will never but from Ulta again.


Yep, I bought "muse". The store sample smelled great but the bottle I purchased had that sickening smell of cheap perfume. I took it back, and they immediately gave me a refund.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #829212

I noticed when looking for my favorite that if I made a different selection it would change from Burberry to Burberrys.Which of course prompted me to do some research.

The packaging is also a little off from what I'm used to with the Burberry I use.I'll definitely just go pick it up in person as I've been burned before.

Webster, Minnesota, United States #808748

Nothing knock off goes through ULTA.

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