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Ulta on Arroyo Crossing Parkway Las Vegas. These are before and after pictures.Never let someone give you a facial when you are tired, and never let someone give you a facial that wears alot of makeup.I never had to wear face make.Sheila was nice to me on the phone.She told me that she was a specialist.I trusted her.When I showed up for the facial, she was not this friendly nice talkative person anymore.She started the facial off with something in brown bottle, pulling my face down and rubbing it into my face and the Conners of my mouth.I did think that was strange to start a facial off like that.Sheila used a brush across the top of my mouth, around my eyes down the sides of my cheeks and across my forehead.She did not talk to me during the facial.On the phone she told me that she would let me know what she was putting on my face.What she did to my face has messed up my skin for life.This was a regular hydrating facial.

Everyone ask me, did I have a peel.I know that she did this on purpose.She was either jealous, or didn't want my business. What ever the reason.She has caused me lots of pain and suffering. It has been a nightmare that I will never forget .Ladies be careful, trusting a woman to give you a facial when you are tired and other things on your mind.This should have never happened. Sheila knew that she could get away with it.

Around the mouth and eyes is very sensitive. She knows that, remember she's a specialist, that's what she told me.

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It sounds like what she gave you was a chemical peel, not a traditional facial. No doubt your skin looked amazing after it stopped peeling, but she should have still told you what she was doing so you could give your consent. It wasn't bleach, but it was acid.

to Anonymous #1363549

I made it very clear to Sheila that I wanted a Dermalogica facial for sensitive skin that's not what she gave me I did not go there for a chemical peel that is not what I needed I have pictures to prove what my skin look like before she did what she did and I have witnesses at my job that can confess to what my skin looked like before she did what she did put bleach on my skin to cause discoloration to my skin this evil malicious Act was done because management of the beauty salon stands behind this kind of evil Behavior the assistant manager knew it was done on purpose that's why she said it should have never happened

Fresno, California, United States #1177088

She should have been fired for such a Evil act.You can plainly see where she used a brush and put a bleaching product on her face.How could Ulta allow a Malicious Evil Jealous hearted person to work for them.You can tell that it was done on purpose.

to Anonymous #1363550

The district manager should have met with me and she would have seen the proof that I have that it was done on purpose Ulta doesn't even care that they have someone working for them that is such a malicious person first of all she should have given me the Dermatological facial for sensitive skin that I asked for I made it very clear to Sheila that that's what I wanted she admitted to putting bleach on my face after the fact


I wish she would sue me for slander.I can prove in court what she did to my face.I have everything I need to show a judge that this act of pure evil was done on purpose.If she would have given me the Dermalogica facial for sensitive skin, that I ask for, this would not of happened. Instead Sheila Chose To Put A Bleaching Product on my face.


Your intelligence is clearly gone. This Sheila woman should sue you for slander. She has a better case than you.


You sound like a liar, or just ignorant. Just stop. You clearly have no idea what is going on, and hopefully this woman goes after you for slander.

to Anonymous #1363551

She will never go after me for slander because she knows what she did and management of the beauty salon knows what she did it was done on purpose and I stand behind what I say so you're the one that's ignorant


ULTA on Arroyo Crossing Parkway in Las Vegas. They messed up her skin on purpose and then tryed to sell her makeup.This Ulta should be investigated. No one should have to experience this kind of a bruise and disrespect.She went to Ulta for a Dermalogica senitive facial and that is not what she got.This experience has caused her to fall into a depression.


If she took a brush and what ever she put around your eyes and mouth, and down the sides of your cheeks.You can tell that she did this on purpose.Frist of all she should have never went around your eyes and mouth with anything. She should have been fired.She knew that she could get away with doing this to you.


oh my lord... stop posting this. WE GET IT

to Anonymous #1164265

I will post this as much as I want. It's easy for you to say, because this Evil Act didn't happen to you.How dare you!

What this evil person did to my face has changed my life.People from my job could not believe what was done to my face. Ulta had no Respect or Reguard for me as a Human Being are a Customer.

to Anonymous #1359749

Ladies BEWARE OF SHEILA at Ulta on ARROYO Crossing Parkway.She will figure out the best way to Destroy your skin for life and get away with it. THIS PERSON is PURE EVIL. ULTA ALLOWS THIS!

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