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Be careful Ladies,

I went into the ULTA for the hair dye Yesterday.I asked for the grey hair and I even showed her the pictures.

It took more than 3 hours and at the end, The woman named "Lerni" she made my hair shi**y pale bluish hair. I was so freaking out and couldn't even stand that color. I'm so detail kind of person and I always make sure to get what I exactly wanted. I did even showed her the pictures not even 1.When I booked yesterday, I asked for the pro even they said that would be more expensive and they charged me $128 .

I requested for the pro who knows what she's doing, not the shi**y, cheap service. So I was asking for the manager but they said the manager left for the day. Then I asked for the fix but they didn't and lied me that she has the next appointment when obviously nobody was there. That woman who did my hair gave me the attitude and went to back of the salon and talking s**t about me to her co-worker and never came out again.

The other woman, I think asst,manager or supervisor came and talk to me that she will fix my hair tomorrow. Honestly, I don't even want her to touch my hair again.

She doesn't know what she is doing so, she shouldn't be there as the hair stylist.Plus if she still not doing right or messed with my hair again, I'll do my credit card dispute and will report to BBB or everywhere I could report and spread the world.

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I don't understand why people think if they show a picture their hair will magically transform into it.Everyone has different hair structure, texture, dye history, porosity etc.

dye and product will react differently.

Just because this girl in the pic got her hair that color doesn't mean any salon can do exactly the same.She may have started out with a different color than you or had less dyes previously making it easy to lift.


You need a reality check honey.The look you want would likely run you 300+ ON AVERAGE.

Not to mention high maintenance. You don't go to places like Ulta for this. Also what you got isn't bad, you're just overly picky for being so cheap.

You want high end Beverly Hills hair you are going to pay for it.Otherwise sit yourself down.

to Anonymous London, England, United Kingdom #1130143

What you say may be true; however, the part you are forgetting is where if Ulta cannot deliver, they need to be upfront with the customer. I think, based on the photos I am seeing, they failed miserably. They should just refund this customer's money and she will probably have to go to a more upscale place (as you recommended) that actually specializes in colour.

to Anonymous Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #1354381

Ulta would have no problem doing that color, at least the location I go to, seen it more perfect than those pictures over a hundred times.

You are totally right about the price though.

That is not a cheap process especially trying to lift from her starting hair color. It would be spot on a little over $300 and your butt would be in a chair for a while.

It does look like somebody tried to do something either they couldn't do or her hair couldn't.

If it was her hair though DOESN'T MAKE IT FREE!

And she won't get a credit company to chargeback for that...It's not a defective dishwasher.Plus she ran that as debit!

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