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Update by user May 21, 2015

One thing I like about Ulta is the make up artists. Now they actually take their time and full care on you!

Update by user May 19, 2015

** it DID bother me the rest of the night

Original review posted by user May 19, 2015

So it was my prom day last Saturday and I went to the Ulta in Coral Springs.I had an appointment for hair and make up.

Elizabeth did a beautiful job on my make up. But for my hair, another lady did it. I was so disappointed. I have extremely curly hair so it consists of extra care.

Never have I went to a salon and they didn't wash and blow dry my hair. My hair was dry and curly and she already starts to flat iron my hair. Then she rudely asks, "did you come for a consultation?" I obviously said no because no salon ever made me do that nor was I even told about this. She began to curl my hair with a flat iron!

That's horrible for curly hair. I began to hear my hair crunch and scrape. Then she tries to blame the lady that dyed my hair for burning it, yet my hair was much healthier before I even got to Ulta. She ended trimming my hair.

I had asked for an easy hairstyle, a 50s style hair style, which needs a BLOWDRYER to be done. I'm not even a hairstylists and I know that. I would've done a better job on my hair. My hair lost the curls in 3 min and so when I went back to retouch them she didn't sound happy about it and made me wait about ten minutes.

After prom my hair just smelled completely burned. When I got home I went to retouch it to go to a party and used my wand and did it a million times better than her and the curls lasted till the next day. Now I have horrible heat damage from my hair from the flat iron being high on heat and curled with the flat iron. Here is a picture of how I wanted my hair and here is the outcome.

It was a waste of 70$. I still tipped the lady because I didn't realize how bad it was until now. I was too excited about prom to let anything ruin my day plus I was running out of time. I'd love a refund.

When I got to prom I saw a good amount of girls with the hairstyle I wanted.Not going to lie, it didn't bother me the rest of the night.

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IF, as you say you know so much about styling hair why didn't you do your own?I have seen a lot of hair styles demonstrated on TV done with a flat iron, when they straighten and curl it at the same time.

Why would a whole bunch of girls want to be copy cats?

I was alive in the 40s-50s and a lot of women wore their hair in updos besides waves and actually very few wore it like you wanted yours done, because the only way to have it look like that was to go to stylist and they couldn't afford to do that.You sound like you weren't even old enough to be going to a prom.

to Anonymous #986914

Wow, what a brutal attack.This girl made more sense than you.

Are you the hair dresser that messed up her hair? What does you living in the 40's and 50's have to do with how she wished to look at prprom? My hair stylist at Incognito would never destroy hair trying to do something she couldn't do. My daughter had been to Ulta and they are not the professionals one would expect.

The young guy that used to be in the Navy and whose parents are cosmologists, was drunk on the day of my daughters appointment.We walked away.

Your personal attack is of no use to a review.Please keep it to,facts.

to Anonymous #986988

Thank you for this response.I didn't know that a person like them would comment something negative about the facts I just presented.

If I was too "young" to go to prom I would just thrown my own money, which I worked very hard for, everywhere not giving a care in the world about it. It was seventy dollars. In my opinion, that's a lot. Especially if its your own money.

The lady rushed my appointment as well. And the fact that this anonymous person is supposedly older than I am yet I make more sense than they ever did in their life time. They just sound like an agree Ulta employee. Anyone with a head would be upset in wasting all that money for something not even close to what they wanted and being left with burnt hair.

It's been 4 days and my hair still smells burned even when I wash it. But it's nice seeing mature people like you that actually understand what I went through. First I have to go through the ombré I didn't want at another place now this lol. It's hard finding a hairstylists that's experienced with curly hair.

It hair upsets me when they say they can easily do exactly what I want. It's a lie and never fall for that.

I should've honestly stuck with the little salon next to my house.Never judge a book by its cover :(

to Nelly #986989

An employee from Ulta **

to Anonymous Warren, Michigan, United States #1161534

you sound like a ***!i think her post and complaint for being a high school er is very professional and well written.

you're just a troll, and clearly inadequate!move on with your life "ANONYMOUS".

to Anonymous #1318361

You're an awful human being! Why would you offer your opinion of her personally like that? What's wrong with you?!

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