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So, I went into to the Fairview Heights, IL ulta store today and brought my 20 month old daughter. I noticed there were no carts, and decided that I would not let my toddler run around the store, so I grabbed a cart that was parked right outside(some other store's cart).

Upon entry, I was informed that "1)That is not our cart 2) you can only shop at the front of the store with it" I said okay, I was just using it for my child. It made me extremely uncomfortable and my business certainly not wanted. I quietly left. I got to thinking, if the store isn't set up for carts, how can it be wheelchair accessible?

I spent 7 months in a wheelchair and know how difficult it is to get around. Also, my stroller is about the same size as a cart. So, if you are handicapped or have a child, you can't shop there? Very confused.

The man who talked to me was middle aged with glasses. He wasn't overly aggressive, but I did find him rude. I have a rewards card there and shop regularly, but don't feel that I (nor anyone I can tell) can support this particular store anymore. The interaction left me feeling very bad for the rest of the day.

Oh, and the area I was 'granted' to shop in? Less than 1/4 of the store.

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You... you can't just take one store's cart into another store.

especially if it's a store where the aisles aren't even designed for carts.

I'm sure they would have been fine with a wheelchair or stroller that belonged to a customer, but clearly not another store's cart. You kinda people are the reason retail workers are miserable.


The exact same thing happened to me at an Ulta Boston (Everett). I had my baby with me and was just popping in for a moment (coming in from the store next door).

I had a TINY Micheal's cart - Not even the standard size. I'm not ***, I wouldn't bring a giant cart in, but the size was fine and the store was empty. I understand this policy, but the sales person that asked me to leave didn't bother explaining why I had to leave.

I politely left, but was irritated enough that I wanted to see if anyone else had had this experience. I will be shopping at Sephora from now on, cart or not, they understand that mothers have to wear make-up, too.


I had a similar situation. My Ulta is next door to a Target.

I first shopped at Target and was going to make a quick stop at Ulta on the way to my car with my toddler in the cart. They immediately asked me to leave the store with the cart, which I understood. However, I asked if they had any carts with seats for children and they said no, I would need to have a stroller. I explained to them that I did not have a stroller with me, so I let my son walk around the store with me, and he proceeded to touch things, move them around, etc.

So, while I understand their policy, what I was surprised to find in this whole ordeal is that they do not have automatic door or any way to open the door with a button if you are in a wheelchair or have a stroller. So, unless Ulta has changed this, I would not consider it to be a family or handicap friendly store if they make it so difficult to get in.


Carts are not allowed into Ulta locations for this reason: They are the property of ANOTHER store and not the property of Ulta.

to Anonymous #795643

Are you serious? I hope you work for Ulta because I cannot believe anyone this naive walks this earth! :(

to ***poeple #938009

Says the person who spells "people" wrong. And if it's not Ulta's cart, it's not allowed to be on their property. Plain and simple, get the *** over it.


This story is such BS. First of all, they never told you that you couldn't shop there.

Second of all, they obviously don't supply carts for a reason. Third, you act like you were surprised that they don't carry carts, but you claim to a "regular" shopper. If you were a regular shopper you would have known that they don't have carts. And last, it's not their problem that you are forgetful and didn't bring a stroller to contain your kid.

Over dramatized story. BS.


to .... #1421691

Her story is not BS at all, and it is still happening. It happened to my sister at an Ulta last week when she tried to bring a Target buggy into the store as she had just shopped there and had my four month old nephew with her. As they are next door to each other she thought it would be no big deal if she entered with the buggy, but she was wrong.


If you didn't want your daughter running around, why didn't you bring in your own stroller? It shouldn't become everyone else's problem because you either forgot or didn't think to bring one.

Ulta aisles aren't big enough for a shopping cart to navigate through, so you would be inconveniencing other customers trying to do their shopping.

Face it - no one said you couldn't shop there. If you put the shopping cart back outside, I'm sure the staff would have been happy to have your business.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #594633

There are a lot of stores that don't allow carts. Ulta is not the only one.

You wouldn't take a cart into A mall, or Barnes and noble. What makes Ulta any different? They aren't discriminating they just don't allow them. And you can't compare them to a wheelchair.

Obviously they have to legally allow wheelchairs. But they don't have to legally allow carts.

to Julia #1446770

I have a collapsible shopping cart that I use as a walker that also holds my large oxygen tank. I asked and was given permission to use it by one of the sales associates when I entered the store, but was later reamed out by an operational manager for using it. She told me she didn't care if I was initially told I could, "that it was still against store policy" Hence, Ulta Beauty DOES NOT accommodate for the disabled.


Yes that sucks, but there is a reason they don't have shopping carts. If you have ever worked in retail, you know loss prevention is a huge deal and there is a reason Ulta--with so many little products sticky fingers are tempted by--doesn't have shopping carts or want other stores carts in their stores. I'm sure it wasn't personal, and the man you spoke to was probably the LP guy just doing his job.

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