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Ulta sucks so much! Where do I even begin? Well, I'll start out with their lousy customer service. My Ulta opened in October of 2011. I have been there around 20 times, mostly with my sister, who for some reason loves the place. Last week was the first time I went that I actually got acknowledged by anyone and asked if I needed any help. I remember the first time I went when it first open I bought an Anthony Logistics product, which had a free gift with any purchase. When I got up there, they didn't mention so I asked about it. They said they were all out, surprising, considering that the store was almost empty and it had only been open for a few days. No apology or anything. It just annoys me that the people at Ulta act so snobby (They sell drugstore/Walmart brands for gods sake!), no matter how you dress, and know nothing about most of the products. The people who work at Sephora are always nice, and ask you if you need help. If you ask them about a product they will help you, and, chances are, they can find someone that has used the product you are asking about, and can refer you to what works better, etc.

Secondly, Ulta's coupons suck. Occasionally, they will have 20% off coupons that you think you can use on the brands that are actually good, but you can only use them on their crappy drugstore brands. Most coupons say something like this: "excludes prestige cosmetics, including philosophy, benefit," etc. They will send you some coupons that say "excludes Lancome, Benefit Brow Bar services, and other exclusions may apply". By changing it and not making it clear, my sister goes up to the counter and tries to purchase Lorac products, and the coupon doesn't work. Don't say "read the fine print" because we did and it wasn't clear, and this has happened to many people as well. Sephora has 20% off anything, including fragrances every October and 15% off in March/April, and they actually have more than 3 good brands, like Nars, Bobbi Brown, Origins, etc.

Next, Ulta tries to scam you with the magazines. They told my sister that she will receive a free magazine of both Allure and Glamour. A few weeks later, she was charged for both of them. It's a good thing she wanted them in the first place or else she would be calling. I still think it is very sleazy and unprofessional to be giving out their customer's information left and right, especially without their knowledge. It's not like they tell you that you will be charged if you don't cancel.

I get that it's tough for them with the competition from department stores, Walmart, Sephora, etc. but if they want to compete with Sephora then they need to have better customer service and better prices than Sephora since their brands and selection of good brands isn't as good as Sephora's. They aren't even trying, at least it seems.

For some reason, my sister still shops here, but she doesn't like it as much as she used to. But then again, she likes to hide in the corner and doesn't like everyone bothering here, that and the fact that we don't have a Sephora is what keeps her going back to Ulta I suppose. I will not shop there since I can purchase anything I need and more from the counters at Dillard's and Belk, or Nordstrom (or Nordstrom.com) and Neiman Marcus when I am near one.

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read my post about my lovely hair cut....before and after shots. going after corporate BIG TIME


Ok, you're a moron. The coupons are clear as day.

AND ulta sends out a 20% off everything including prestige brands and fragrance at least 4 times a year. The regular coupons that ulta offers all year round don't work on prestige items because the brands would have to provide discounts for every other boutique/department store that sells their brand. You are not entitled to anything. And makeup is a luxury.

Not a necessity. Do you demand free gifts from Walmart or Kroger? AND it always says "as long as supplies last" when there is promotion offering a free gift.

Ulta has a strict confidentiality policy. No one is handing out your info, darling.


Ulta is the worst! You go in there and the employees stand together chatting, never ask if you need help.

Are really snobby.

When i had to return something they refused to give me cash ( i paid with debit) and they said i had to put it back on my card. Awful experiences when ive shopped there...ill never go back!!


Bakersfield ulta sucks!! Customer service lousy and if u do get it they are selling I something they were told to sell and not what u want!!!

Management rude!!!

They discontinued things move them etc. they need to close the bakersfield location as far as I'm concerned !!!!!


Ok first of all you're judging ALL Ulta's based on the experience of you going to one location. That's kinda not fair cause there are tons of Ulta's that treat people with respect and are kind to guests.

Second of all, it is not our fault that brands make it so their brand is excluded from coupons that is THEIR problem so if it makes you so mad go up with the brands not ulta. And btw there actually are some coupons sometimes that do include prestige and fragrance. And the same goes for Sephora a lot of the time they don't have things on sale but when you come at certain times they do. And third, do you have something against drugstore?

Lol. You can actually find some good drugstore products but that's based on preference so whatever you like and dislike is fine but its nice for people that don't want to buy all of the expensive stuff and a lot of people actually appreciate that about ulta. I am an employee at ulta and I'm not biased just because I work there but seriously you shouldn't judge an entire company based on one store. And about the free gift thing it's really annoying when people get pissed off at us employees for being out of the free gifts because we get whatever they send us so when we run out we run out.

Sometimes (most of the time) we can do it where we can substitute another gift but again different stores different ways of doing things. Just had to say my 2 cents.


Every store is different. My local Ulta has incredibly kind and knowledgable staff who will do everything in their power to make guests happy.

The Ulta in one of my neighboring cites has terrible guest service, so I can see where you may be coming from. However I've had poor service at Sephoras before, but I don't think Sephora is a bad store and nor do I generalize their employees based on my own experience at a couple stores. It is wrong to assume everyone who works at Ulta is *** or that Ulta is a bad company because they have $3.50 off coupons that don't work on everything in the store. There's this thing called vendor control.

That means all the higher end products cannot be sold at a lower price than they're marked. You will not find them cheaper at Macy's or Sephora because Ulta and other retailers could get in trouble for selling them lower than the vendor has them priced. The way Ulta gets around that is with their rewards system. And if you're smart and you're part of it you get a 20% off everything twice a year.

That's much better than Sephora's measly 15%. And your points at Ulta turn into money off any product in the store including fragrance and prestige products. I've cashed in 2000 points like four times now for $125 worth of free product.

2000 points at Sephora could only get me a small selection of little baby sized products. I'm sorry you feel that way about your Ulta, but mine is bomb and youre missing out on an amazing store.

to Anonymous #1318257

YES THANK YOU. You actually get it. Lol

to Anonymous #1399512

A few months late to this party, but you said one thing that is not true in my area. There have been multiple times I have been looking for an Urban Decay product at Sephora and they were sold out so I went to Ulta where they were in stock, but for $10 to up to $15 dollars more.

What I was looking for in all occasions was on eyeshadow palette. Maybe that is a local thing, but it was ridiculous and I ended up buying from UD online, for the same price Sephora was selling it at.

Ulta is OK. I have had my good days and bad days there.

I mostly shop there because you actually earn money with your points instead of stupid little samples. But I have learned to compare Ulta's prices on what they consider "prestige" brands to Sephora and the actual website for that brand.

Fortville, Indiana, United States #1185915

Found this out the hard way today. I thought prestige meant the crappy buy one get one brand they have in the drug store section.

They wouldn't let me use my paltry 3.50 off coupon on my $116 purchase, for all the money I spend there. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

To Sephora I go from now on!

to Anonymous #1382626

Honestly though if you have to use a $3.50 off coupon, maybe you shouldn’t be buying that much makeup?


Are you from Ulta? Sounds like it, because they are all real bitchy.


Ulta sucks. Not only are they terrible in the customer service department, but they are cheap and treat their employees horribly as well!

You get more with sugar than vinegar. I know several people who worked at Ulta and quit because it is a horrible company built on a foundation of low morality.

I shop at Beauty Brands because the people who work there are friendly, knowledgable, and more than willing to help and answer questions I may have. They always have great deals, too and my Take Ten rewards work off everything, even my services.


Ulta should absorb the difference in the coupon discounts that the brands don't want to "allow." It's called good customer service.

to Anonymous #1103254

No, it isn't called "good customer service". If Ulta did that they would lose so much money. They do have coupons that will come out that have no exclusions if you watch for them

to Anonymous Beverly Hills, California, United States #1354293

Any brands excluded from their coupons is a contractual agreement with brand. Part of that agreement enforces upholding anti-competitive pricing.

"Prestige Brands" of fragrance, cosmetics, and skincare are tightly price controlled across the market. A prime example of this is fragrance companies. When you buy authentic Chanel from any authorized retailer you are going to be charged the same price everywhere (Chanel doesn't even allow online sales outside of Chanel.com). It upholds their brand image and it protects the consumer as a way of letting you know that you're getting what you're paying for.

Ulta issues 20% coupons 5-6 times per year with minimal (5 or less) exclusions. You're guaranteed to be 1st on the list to receive these every time if you're a Platinum Rewards member. Sephora the last time I looked into it can only get brand participation for one 15% and one 20% annually. Ulta would love to give everyone this gift but again it's a contractual agreement issue in a store with over 550 brands and 22,000 products.

It's an amazing show of retail power of persuasion that they negotiate this with about 5 exclusions 5 to 6 times annually. Yes, I'm sure they pay for it.

Best advice: Shop often, engage the employees where you shop (ask questions... it's not supposed to be a pushy sales driven environment), make sure you use their rewards program, and you'll save a ton with coupons and points.

The points program is insane! Give them your email and activate you 5x point offers!

Ulta is a huge force to be reckoned with.

I'm sure they're working hard to negotiate deals to support ever increasing consumer traffic all the time. The larger they grow the more power they'll have to advocate better offers for you.


I want to know,how to check prestige batch code expiry...tq!

to Anonymous Beverly Hills, California, United States #1354360

It's proprietary codes stored in a database by the manufacturer. Nobody in the stores can decode them either since they're likely randomized lot numbers that have no meaning.

Even if brand "A" used a decipherable system that wouldn't necessarily be the same for brand "B".

Typically anything with a shorter shelf life such as SPF containing products will have a true expiration date. You really don't have to worry about any other products. Well before shelf life could be an issue a periodic package change or ingredient update will occur.

Majority of products move too quickly to even collect a week of dust and replacements hopefully arrive just in time.

In the off chance you're wondering about how long it will last once opened at home; look for the "opened jar" symbol typically found on the back of the item or sometimes it's box.

Whatever number is designated there is the recommended amount of months you should not keep your item past once opened.

Hope this helped.

Ventnor City, New Jersey, United States #968279

people always find something to complain about. Cause somebody wasn't praising you .You write a whole story anout how the company sucks .Get a life!. You dont like it, dont go back .END OF STORY

Fremont, California, United States #942931

Izma at Ulta in Pacific Commons Fremont is the rudest cashier I have ever encountered at ulta. Extremely unhelpful, rude, and sarcastic.

Ulta should really do something about their customer service reps.

Awful experience!! Never going back.

to Unhappy #1086337

Complain about her to her manager. If she's been rude to you, trust me, she's been rude to others. You'd be doing a service to society!

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