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Ulta's website is literally terrible for a giant retailer. I have 4 pending orders that won't process for some dumb reason.

Today, I thought that I would try this one more time. I ordered 3 small little products and guess what??? You guessed ain't being processed or shipped! Really?

This is ridiculous that Ulta has such a sorry website and to think of the money they're loosing. I'm done with them totally. Their so-called "rewards" and "coupons" are a joke. I also bought the Fatgirlslim lean machine, got it home to find out that the plug for charging the dang thing was European!

I wasn't surprised that no one in the store bothered to tell me that. And, I drove over 100 miles just to an Ulta store to stock up on my products because I can't order online due to their sorry website. I've never been in their store and got any help whatsoever either. I do my research online, then go to the store myself and search the store over for what I need.

When are the Brand Name manufacturers going to wake up and stop doing business with these sorry people????

It needs to start with the consumers I guess to make them wake up and offer better customer service. Don't do any business with them, maybe they'll wake up!

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