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I went to place an order on Ulta's website this morning. When I click on "Submit order" it did not complete the order and just showed the "Submit order" button instead. I checked my back account online and it showed a purchase from Ulta for the amount of what my order is.

I checked for a confirmation email from Ulta and also my order history to see if it went through ok. No luck.

So, I called guest services. The person I spoke with didn't seem to listen to me, which was frustrating. I did get upset with her and spoke in a inappropriate manner, but I caught myself and calmed myself down. She claimed that their supervisors were in a meeting and gave me a reference number for the issue. Also, she noted that it would take up to 5 days for the money to "drop off", but she couldn't help me with my order. She also stated that it's my bank's fault.

I called up my bank and they assured me that they only process payments when I place an order.

I called Ulta back and spoke with a Jessica (said she cannot give her last name initial, but she's the only Jessica there). She sounded bothered that I called from the start. I calmly told her that I just need help with my order. Explained my issue. And she flat out told me that there is nothing that they can do. And that it's my issue. She also said that she placed an order online with Ulta this morning with no issue. I asked to speak to a supervisor again and this time was told that they do not transfer calls.

So unprofessional. I was shocked at how the reps in guest services spoke. I admit I was not kind for the first call, but I caught myself. I've seen the other complaints on here and I wonder if anyone has access to the email address for the CEO of Ulta. I would surely love to reach out to them to let them know about this issue. Ulta is losing customers.

Review about: Ulta Website.

Monetary Loss: $53.

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I have exactly the same story. Unfortunately I thought something is wrong with my cards or with my shopping cart so I end up to be charge for many transaction but o order was submit.

Interesting that you also could not speak with a manager- they seems so very busy..I guess is many clients like us they need to deal. I am waiting already one day for a call back.

I am so disappointed in their action and lack of their cooperation with upset client.

I am very mad....I have already spend an hour calling to 3 banks and Ulta customer service.

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